Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A friend of mine introduce me with this great web page Its damn interesting site, where you can play around with photos. It makes you feels like a pro in photocrafting or superimpose. What you need is just a photo of you or whoever you may find in your computer disk. See some samples below.

For face overlay kinda effect, you better use a single pose photo so that the software may not get confuse in determining of which face should be altered out. The result of Haziq's superimpose photo below is really amazing... really wanna makes me laugh everytime i view it!

Below is the original photo of Haziq!! Amazing isnt it, with what this webpage can do with your photos. Try it out now!

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Yan said...

Thanks, it looks really cool and I like photofunia. Yesterday I found one more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 100 funny photo templates. Some of them are just gorgeous. It is free and very easy to use