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Halal Restaurants in Vienna & Salzburg

Below are list of halal & Malaysian restaurants in Vienna & Salzburg. Its not the only available halal restaurants in Vienna or Salzburg, but the one that kinda "registered" with Malaysian embassy here. There are lots more halal restaurants here in Vienna especially those kebab stalls that run by the Turkish.

Malaysia embassy put those restaurants in a proper list which normally handed out to Malaysian visitors who frequently request the information from the embassy.

Thinking that would be a good idea to share it here too, maybe someone, somewhere search for those information from the net.

One is missing form the list.... Malay Malaysian restaurant? So anybody outthere wanna start one? I'll definitely be your first & regular customer!

Anyway i just copy & paste the info list prepared by the embassy here:



Chinese-Malaysian operated restaurants – offering Malaysian seafood specialities
(all will cook Halal dishes upon request)

1. Ann
Operngasse 20B
A-1040 Vienna
Tel. (01) 585 2102

2. EAT Asia Cooking
Getreidemarkt 11
A-1060 Vienna
Tel. (01)585 4218

3. Chopstick House (food-court restaurant)
Millennium City
Handelskai 94 – 96
A-1200 Vienna
Tel. (01) 205 63 88

Arabian Restaurants

*1. Lord of S (upper price bracket - ideal for entertaining high-ranking guests)
Liebenberggasse 7 / Parkring 10
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (01)512 71 66

*2. Al Fayrooz (with live dance and music)
Dr Karl Lueger Ring 8
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (01) 533 84 11

*3. Al-Gebra (Arabian-Mediterranean)
Marxergasse 5
A-1030 Vienna
Tel. (01) 715 99 59

*4. Café Restaurant Hero
Dominikanerbastei 17
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (01)533 8447

*5. Couscous Restaurant and Catering (Arabian-African)
Grünentorgasse 19
A-1090 Vienna
Tel. (01)310 8517

Persian Restaurants

*1. Apadana
Wehrgasse 31
A-1050 Vienna
Tel. (01) 587 24 31

*2. Pars
Lerchenfelderstrasse 148
A-1080 Vienna
Tel. (01) 405 82 45

*3. Hafes
Kaiserstrasse 98
A-1070 Vienna
Tel. (01) 523 9936

4. Hatam
Währingerstrasse 64
A-1090 Vienna
Tel. (01) 3109450)

5. Restaurant Nayeb
Gumpendorferstrasse 22
A-1060 Vienna
Tel. (01) 2087099

Turkish Restaurants

*1. Café Restaurant Kent (located near a busy market - popular with Turks and locals)
Brunnengasse 67
A-1160 Vienna
Tel. (01) 405 91 73

*2. Etap Taverna
Neulerchenfelderstrasse 13
A-1160 Vienna
Tel. (01) 406 0478


1. Demi Tass (Indian restaurant – partial Halal)
Prinz Eugen Strasse 28
A-1040 Vienna
Tel. (01) 504 3119

2. Asia Halal (Halal restaurant serving Chinese, Japanese & Indian specialities)
Schönbrunnerstrasse 85
A-1050 Vienna
Tel. 5450292

3. Levantes (Halal Levantine specialities, popular with locals)
Wallnerstrasse 2
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (01) 5332326

4. Diwan (Halal kebabs & snacks)
Wallensteinstrasse 48
A-1020 Vienna
Tel. (0664) 637 5557 )mobile)

5. Der Wiener Deewan (popular Halal Pakistani restaurant , excellent value for money)
Liechtensteinstrasse 10
A-1090 Vienna
Tel. 925 11 85

6. Schnack Roti Corner (Halal Indian snacks)
Schwarzspanierstrasse 22
A-1090 Vienna
Tel. (01) 276 21 37

7. Kevansaray Lobster Bar (upper price bracket seafood restaurant )
Mahlerstrasse 9
A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (01) 5128843

8. Banyan Restaurant (modern Asian restaurant housed in a former market-hall also offers
Nussdorferstrasse 22 Malaysian, vegetarian and seafood specialities)
A-1090 Vienna
Tel. (01) 319 2257

* recommended by a Representative of the Muslim Community in Vienna
(Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft)


1. Fujiya Restaurant (Chinese-Malaysian restaurant, will prepare Halal meals upon request)
Eberhard-Fugger-Strasse 11
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel. (0662) 64 55 22

2. Indian Restaurant Taj Mahal (will prepare Halal meals upon request)
Bayerhamerstrasse 13
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel, 0662 882010

3. Bella Vita Ristorant Pizzeria (Pakistani-owned pizza restaurant – also serves
Vogelweiderstrasse 9 Halal traditional Pakistani dishes)
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel. (0662) 88 33 38

Selamat Menjamu Selera.... ;-))


abdulhalimshah said...

Thanks for the information which would be of help during my planned trip from 17-22 April to Vienna.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic resource - May God bless you. I wish these kind of webpages could be linked together for Muslim business and holiday travellers.
Muslim Lone Traveller

lindaamir said...


This is a very information for Muslim travellers. My husband and I are planning to go to Vienna and Salzburg early June this year. We will definitely try to go to some of these places. Tq so much. May God bless you.

Nuha said...

oh wow, I didnt know all of them are halal, thank you!!

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very informative.
Thank you for the effort. I am hoping to go there soon, so this is great.

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Thank you very much for the information. It's really useful for me. Allah hafiz

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thank u....May Allah bless you for compiling this list :)

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Hamdu lillah good to know that there is Halal food on Vienna, I am due to visit next month inshallah.


Thank you for this very useful information! Xsangka begitu bnyk restoran halal di austria.


Thank u very much for this info...xsangka begitu bnyk restoran halal di austria!

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very useful indeed. thanks brother.