Thursday, October 16, 2008

Korang tahu tak?... Parental Leave

UPDATE!!! Cerita-ceritut dibawah adalah bahan bacaan semata-mata, tak ada kena mengena dengan family planning tukang cerita & keluarganya..kwang! kwang! kwang!!

Korang tahu tak di Sweden, if wife gave birth, parental leave allocated for parents are 16 months!! 16 months of paid leave at 80% of pay for the first 13 mths, the rest at flat rate!!! Lama tuuuuu..... The father must take minimum 2 months from the allocated leave. Parental leave ni boleh diambil sekaligus atau in batches sehingga anak tu umur 8 tahun!!

Di Austria cuma 16 weeks (8 weeks before due date & 8 weeks after) at 100% of pay tapi ni maternity leave not parental leave. Parental leave di Austria boleh diambil up to 2 years from the child's birth. Samada full time unpaid parental leave atau reduced working hour. Kalau full time parental leave, government will provide monthly allowance.

According to study of Parental Leave Policies in 21 Rich Countries by CEPR (Center for Economic and Policy Research), Sweden is one of the six countries that identified as providing best Parental leave policy in terms of generosity & gender equality. What is more interesting, 3 of the countries are the Scandinavian... Finland, Sweden & Norway. Other 3 are France, Spain & Greece.

Jadi konklusi cerita kali ni, kalau nak buat anak pergi la ke negara2 kat atas tu... ;-))

p/s 1: FTE=Full Time Equivalent
p/s 2: bila la policy di Msia boleh improve?? 60 days je!

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